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I have four weeks left in mobile. It has been such a long journey whilst here. I have met so many people and experienced so many things. Is be lying if I said there wasn’t more to be seen here. Everyday I’m one step closer to leaving everything behind.


East Coast of Greenland, the first day of a 200km long journey from Ammassalik island to Knud Rasmussen glacier.


the best otps are the ones who realise they’re in love with each other and quickly and firmly deny it to themselves for a ludicrous amount of time

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Winona Ryder for Red Magazine April 2014 ph. Max Abadian

Exploring Haiku
Maui, HI

I’ll be moving to a Dutch island in the Caribbean called Sint Maarten in a few weeks. It will be for two years while my boyfriends attends a school of medicine.
This is such a big step for me. I am leaving everything I know for a 80mile Long Island in the middle of the Caribbean. Not only that, but it’s a big step for kamal and I as a couple. I was sitting at home yesterday looking over forms for my passport and it came to me that this pretty solidifies kamal and I’s relationship. Friends are asking if we are going to get married. It’s about then that this feeling of uncertainty waved over me. I love kamal and want to be with him. Just the thought of actually marrying him is just scary. I’m moving across the world(sort of) and possibly marrying this guy.

I am feeling very nervous.
This is the end of any other chances I had at a different life. Not that not happy with the way things are, but just knowing that unsettles me.


Kiss - Miles Johnston